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RASC Newsletter # 20 - Dec 10th, 2018
I would be neglectful if I didn't let everyone know that all our Area sub-committees are still looking for more support. I am sure that we all know that "many hands make light work"; so, let's all chip in and help ease the burden of those who have been carrying this Area for many years. All you need is some willingness and minimal clean time. Check our web site out for contact information (http://recoveryispossible.nny-na.org/contacts).


In Loving Service,
Dan B. , Newsletter Coordinator
“If we want something we never had, we will need to try some things we have never tried, and have some faith.” (Living Clean –The Journey Continues, pg. 192)

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RACNA 25 “In the Spirit of Recovery” Speaker Jam (Jan. 11th & 12th, 2019)

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RACNA 25 Tickets and Registration are Now Available Online!!!

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RACNA 25 Pre-Superbowl Smash (Jan. 26th, 2019)

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Love is in the Air Part 2!!! (February 16th, 2019)

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RACNA Banquet Survey

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