RASC Newsletter # 19 - May 12th, 2018


Good Morning Family!
Wanting to share the following Poem with you all, my 1st thought was…” I had to modify it to be more universal.” Then the poet in me realized it would detract from the message intended and lose some of its power thru translation.
This being my introduction to you all, I wanted it to have mass appeal. But before changing it I consulted a Power greater than Me (because that’s what I do before making any big decisions 😊) for guidance.
And it was placed on my heart to leave it as it was initially written. Because no matter where we are in our recovery, we ALL had to start…& still have ONLY…One Day at A Time.
So, I hope you Enjoy, Remember, and Relate.
Love You All!
Tawni W.,

“There’s A Message & A Promise”

I’m going to start by telling you two Truths that are certain & sure whether you’re a veteran or novice.
1. There’s a Message & A Promise.
2. Tho’ it’s sad & haunted…It’s not for those who need it, but for those that want it!
We’re all here, thrust together,
Unsure, Seared, Battered, Sick & Tired,
With 2 weeks to a month to decide our fate, get what we need, & point us in the direction of how to succeed;
Whether we move forward blindly into the unknown, or go back, eyes opened, once again embracing the self-hate.
The choice seems logical, even simple to some; But, Surprisingly, I know for some of us there is none.
Our comfort zone has become a world full of lies, deceit, and low self-worth.
We spend our lifetimes never realizing we are the salt of the earth;
The bearers of children & care-takers of the future, forming and forging the next Generation with hands shaky, frightened and unsure.
Not knowing whether we’re passing on…LOVE, FAITH, & STRENGTH, or the simple knowledge of how to be insecure.

“There’s A Message & A Promise”

We come from all walks of life, races, creeds, & colors, not to mention positions, religions & origins.
But addiction doesn’t discriminate. It cares not a bit. It wants us all alone & Dead in the end…if it can.
It doesn’t matter where you’re from, where you’re @ or where you’ve been.
Its objective is the same…
Constant, consistent, & true…
It’s to Kill, Kill, Kill & Deny us all our God written end…It kills our Joy.
Steals our souls.
And chokes our voices B4 we cry.Numbing feelings & emotions
Leaving us only with lies.

“There’s A Message & A Promise”

But 1 of my unit ‘sistas’ shared her 1st step & pierced my heart.
Sharing her experience, strength, & hope, she created a spark that touched every heart & chilled us to the core. The Fire of her words blazed a trail of honesty I’d rarely heard before.
Amazed by her honesty, & humbled by her pain, changed me in ways I still don’t understand. But knowing in my soul with a certainty I’ve yet to fully comprehend.
As I watched her cry & push on, I developed a level of respect heretofore unknown – not just 4 her but 4 all of us with stories varied & wide.
Finally believing & seeing we can win standing side-by-side!
This opened me up to understand exactly what we’re here for. To uplift one another…To share our Stories and Words & open-up like books so you can read ‘em.
Leaving here knowing:

“The Message is Hope & the Promise is Freedom”

Thank you Tawni !!!

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I would be neglectful if I didn't let everyone know that all our Area sub-committees are still looking for more support. I am sure that we all know that "many hands make light work"; so, let's all chip in and help ease the burden of those who have been carrying this Area for many years. All you need is some willingness and minimal clean time. Check our web site out for contact information (http://recoveryispossible.nny-na.org/contacts).

Don't forget to purchase your tickets for the RACNA 24 Mother's Day event on May 12th, 2018 (https://recoveryispossible.nny-na.org/racna-24-mothers-day-comedy-dinner-dance/).

In Loving Service,
Dan B. , Newsletter Coordinator
“If we want something we never had, we will need to try some things we have never tried, and have some faith.” (Living Clean –The Journey Continues, pg. 192)

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