Purpose & Function
RACNA is held by members of Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) in the Rochester Area to bring our membership together in the celebration of our recovery. The name, the program, and all of the activities of the convention should reflect an atmosphere of recovery in N.A. Meetings, workshops, and other activities at the convention are scheduled to encourage unity and fellowship among our members.
RACNA is sponsored by the Rochester Area Service Committee. We must conform to the N.A. principles in our Steps, Traditions, and Concepts to reflect our primary purpose. As with any subcommittee of area service, the Convention Committee and its officers should keep in close contact with the Chairperson and Vice-chairperson of the RASC.

Conventions are gatherings where recovering addicts and their families meet to share their experience, strength and hope with each other in a celebration of their recovery. The first Rochester Area Convention of Narcotics Anonymous (RACNA) was held in 1994 when the Rochester Area Service Committee (RASC) decided to hold their own yearly celebration of recovery. This simple idea would prove to be an enormous undertaking. Each convention involves dozens of people putting in hundreds of “man” hours making flyers, painting banners, registering guests, making coffee, arranging workshops, selling merchandise, etc., etc., etc. Each year has seen its successes and its opportunities for growth. Convention planning, like life, carries with it, its own rewards, its own challenges, and its own lessons. Our hope is that at the end of this process, RACNA has proven to be a spiritually rewarding success where there was more love, peace, and more recovery shared than anything else.

Basic Accountability
RACNA will give a concise report of the committee’s activities, as well as a detailed financial statement AT EVERY MONTHLY RASC meeting. This keeps the groups in touch with how things are going and enables members to provide support and guidance when needed. Each subcommittee is responsible for the upkeep of archives which will include: meeting minutes, chairpersons’ reports, and all other pertinent information and resources. At the close of the convention, all articles included in each subcommittee’s archives are to be inventoried and submitted to the RACNA chairperson to be either included in the convention’s final report (disposition of these materials to be decided by the RASC), or to be passed on to the next years subcommittees. This way, succeeding subcommittees will have access to the experiences and resources of their predecessors.

RACNA Business Meetings
The RACNA chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary and treasurer are elected at the annual December RASC meeting. The newly elected chair, in conjunction with the incoming officers will schedule and organize the first business meeting in January. All RACNA meetings will take place at a regularly scheduled time, will be held in a public place, and will follow the current edition of Robert Rules of Order and the RASC approved Guidelines and Bylaws. The purpose of these meetings is to gather and share information regarding the planning process and to encourage support and involve as many groups and individuals as possible.

All RACNA meetings are scheduled according to need. It is suggested that they be scheduled monthly until four months prior to the convention, at which time they should take place every two weeks. At two months prior to the convention, meetings should take place weekly. Each year’s convention committee shall determine how much time should be allotted for each meeting in order to conduct RACNA business.


RACNA Subcommittees

RACNA Mailing Address:
(Recovery Is Possible Convention)
P.O. Box 30485
Rochester, NY   14603