Hotels & Hospitality

The primary function of the Hotels and Hospitality Subcommittee is to be the liaison between the hotel staff and RACNA. The subcommittee consists of a chairperson (elected by RACNA), a vice-chair, a secretary, Serenity Keeper coordinator and Hugger/Greeter team leader, (all chosen from members of H&H), and voting members. Voting privileges are decided upon formation of the incoming subcommittee. As soon as possible, H&H should create a timeline for the planning year that includes all H&H duties with projected deadlines specified to complete each task. This timeline should be presented to RACNA as soon as it is developed. All expenditures need to be approved and receipts submitted to H&H chairperson for reimbursement by RACNA treasurer. After the hotel contract is reviewed, negotiated and signed, all contacts with the hotel need to be coordinated and conducted through the H&H subcommittee. H&H is also responsible for providing a warm welcome to all guests, while promoting a spirit of unity and celebration of the gift of recovery for our members. During the convention, H&H maintains a Hospitality room or rooms where attendees can gather, have coffee and/or refreshments, and fellowship with other guests. Serenity Keepers are an integral element of the H&H subcommittee. This “committee within a committee” is responsible for checking badges, assisting with coordination of a team of “Huggers/Greeters,” assisting guests with directions and questions, and working with the hotel security to ensure that a safe atmosphere of celebration is maintained. In cooperation with hotel security, the Serenity Keepers uphold the rules and abide by the contract with the hotel and also closely monitor the behavior of our members to ensure that our Traditions are not violated. We need to remember how our behavior reflects on the fellowship as a whole…only we can promote a positive public image of ourselves.