The Merchandising Subcommittee is responsible for the acquisition and sale of all commemorative items for RACNA. The subcommittee consists of a chair (elected by RACNA), a vice-chair, a secretary (chosen from members of Merchandising), and voting members. Voting privileges are decided upon formation of the incoming subcommittee. As soon as possible, Merchandising should create a time-line for the planning year that includes all Merchandising duties with projected deadlines specified to complete each task. This timeline should be presented to RACNA as soon as it is developed. All expenditures need to be approved and receipts submitted to the Merchandising chairperson for reimbursement by RACNA treasurer.

Duties of the subcommittee may include the sale at Narcotics Anonymous events of the previous RACNA Convention’s leftover merchandise. In some cases, sale of NA Conference approved literature and other items may be sold at the convention and the Merchandising Subcommittee may be asked to coordinate the purchase of and be responsible for the sale of those items. Prior to and during the convention, the Merchandising Subcommittee is responsible for the storage of all inventory in a secure location. The effort of any convention should be based strictly on the need to generate funds to ensure the success of the event. Too often the merchandising efforts detract from the primary focus of the convention. Our efforts to generate funds from our members should be based solely on what is necessary to ensure that the convention is successful. If RACNA finds that it is not necessary to generate considerable sums of money to cover expenses, then the merchandising effort should he kept to a minimum. Every convention wants to be able to provide commemorative items for the convention attendees, however, the efforts to do this should be done in such a way that a department store or flea market atmosphere is not created. The focus of any convention is the celebration of recovery.

  • The Chairperson sets the meeting agenda, facilitates business, delegates responsibilities to the members, and attends all RACNA business meetings to report the subcommittee’s progress.
  • The Vice-chairperson works closely with the chair and performs his/her duties in their absence.
  • The Secretary is responsible for minutes (to be available at every business meeting), provides any forms needed to perform duties, and is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the Merchandising archives. Copies of all materials that reflect the business of the Subcommittee (minutes, contracts, letters, motion forms, etc.) are to be included in the archives as resources for future Merchandising Subcommittee members.

*Important Reminder:
All members handling money and/or inventory will be required to sign the RASC Misappropriation and Theft Policy.