The Program Subcommittee plans all the workshops, recovery meetings, main meetings and marathon meetings associated with RACNA and at the convention. This should include pre-convention Speaker Jams and Fundraising Events that include workshops. The subcommittee consists of a chairperson (elected by RACNA), a vice-chair, a secretary {both chosen from members of Program), and voting members. Voting privileges are decided upon formation of the incoming subcommittee. As soon as possible, Program should create a timeline for the planning year that includes all Program duties with projected deadlines specified to complete each task. All expenditures need to be approved and receipts submitted to Program chairperson for reimbursement by RACNA treasurer.

  • The Chair sets the meeting agenda, facilitates business, delegates responsibilities to the members, and attends all RACNA meetings to report the subcommittee’s progress.
  • The Vice-chair works closely with the chair and performs his/her duties in their absence.
  • The Secretary is responsible for minutes (to be available at every meeting), provides any forms needed to perform duties, and is responsible for up-keep and maintenance of the Program archives. Copies of all materials that reflect the business of the Subcommittee (minutes, contracts, letters, motion forms, etc.) are to be included in the archives as resources for future Program Subcommittee members.