Some of the first people convention attendees meet are those members manning the registration tables. How well they are greeted in many ways sets the tone for how well the convention comes off. Smooth, prompt, orderly, and hospitable service is key ingredients to successful registrations. Therefore, organization and planning by this subcommittee is very important.

The Registration Subcommittee is comprised of a chairperson (elected by RACNA), vice-chairperson, secretary (chosen from members of Registration), and voting members. Voting privileges are decided upon formation of the incoming subcommittee. As soon as possible, Registration should create a time-line for the planning year that includes all Registration duties with projected deadlines specified to complete each task. This timeline should he presented to RACNA as soon as it is developed. All expenditures need to be approved and receipts submitted to the Merchandising chairperson for reimbursement by RACNA treasurer. Depending on the amount of members, the subcommittee may want to form teams of volunteers to handle the regislro1ions by mail and work/shift teams to perform the duties of registration at the convention. These mailing and work duties are further defined in the sections below.

The Registration Subcommittee is one of the busiest subcommittees of every convention. Although it’s most intensive work is completed in the weeks just prior to and during the convention, its responsibilities begin with the advance planning. This advance planning by the subcommittee includes drafting the flyers and registration forms, which must be done well in advance (at least five or six months prior to the convention date) in order to allow sufficient time for review by RACNA. The mailing schedule for flyers and pre-registration forms should also be established at this time.

  • The Chairperson sets the meeting agenda, facilitates business, delegates responsibilities to the members, and attends all RACNA business meetings to report the subcommittee’s progress. The Registration chairperson needs to have demonstrated trustworthiness, especially where funds are concerned. Any mishandling of Registration money and/or resources is the ultimate responsibility of the Registration chairperson.
  • The Vice-chairperson works closely with the chair and performs his/her duties in their absence.
  • The Secretary is responsible for minutes (to be available at every business meeting), provides any forms needed to perform duties, and is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the Registration archives. Copies of all materials that reflect the business of the Subcommittee (minutes, mailing lists, registration forms and all flyers, letters, motion forms, etc.) are to be included in the archives as resources for future Registration Subcommittee members.

*Important Reminder:
All members handling money and/or inventory will be required to sign the RASC Misappropriation and Theft.