RASC Literature Subcommittee

Definition and Purpose of the Subcommittee:
The Recovery Is Possible Area Literature Subcommittee is a volunteer group of the fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous.  The primary purpose of the Subcommittee is to maintain an adequate supply of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Literature and have it available at the RASC business meeting.  The Subcommittee facilitates the evaluation process for any NA literature from the fellowship.  In all its proceedings the Subcommittee shall adhere to The Twelve Traditions, Twelve Concepts of Service of NA, the resources of A Guide to Local Services and the Handbook for NA Literature Committee.

Functions of the Subcommittee:

  • Maintains an adequate supply of NA literature to meet the needs of the RASC.
  • Stocks and makes available review and approval-form literature.
  • Serves as a communication link in all matters of literature between the groups, RASC, Northern New York Region, and the World Service Committee.
  • Provides the forum and atmosphere where members may contribute to the development and creation of NA literature.
  • Holds scheduled Subcommittee meetings.
  • Communicates and disburses all information to and from volunteers.
  • Distributes Literature to all groups via RASC meetings.
  • Provides representation and participation in the RASC.
  • Elects and/or appoints members to fulfill the needs of the Subcommittee.
  • Maintains an archive of all Subcommittee minutes.