The RASC Newsletter produced by the Public Relations subcommittee is targeted to and created by NA members. We need your help to write articles for the magazine, and/or to encourage other members to do so, especially someone you know who has a great story to share. The RASC Newsletter is for the NA member with special focus and emphasis on the Rochester Area (Recovery Is Possible) and its’ members. Editorial content ranges from personal recovery experience (including humor or nostalgia) to opinion pieces regarding topics of concern to NA as a whole. Regarding the tone of an article, we look for a spirit of unity and mutual respect.

Mission Statement

       Our mission is to provide each member with recovery and service information, as well as recovery-related entertainment, which speaks to current issues and events relevant to the Rochester Area (Recovery Is Possible). In keeping with this mission, the editorial staff is dedicated to providing a newsletter which is open to articles and features written by members from this area, as well as current service and convention information. Foremost, the newsletter is dedicated to the celebration of our message of recovery–“that an addict, any addict can stop using drugs, lose their desire to use, and find a new way to live.”


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The Public Relations Newsletter subcommittee of RASC choses to use the NA World Service guidelines HERE.  By submitting an article you are agreeing to these guidelines.

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