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The Spirit of Love” convention in Waterloo, NY, this past weekend, was fantastic.

As an addict, who has been around for a few years, I was totally awed by the gut level honesty and humility exhibited by all the speakers at “The Spirit of Love” convention. It has motivated me to find a new sponsor and rework the steps all over again. My goal is to have the same courage and humility to share with as much compassion and vulnerability as the speakers there had. I can only hope to achieve this on a daily basis. I know more miracles are to be experienced and I don’t want to leave before they happen.

As an addict, staying clean a day at a time, I consider every day a miracle. God wants me to experience more of His miracles. So, I trust my higher power to lead me in a closer relationship with him so that I can offer my experiences, strengths, and hopes in the same loving and caring manner that softened my heart and teared my eyes this weekend.

My confused mind was cleared, and guarded heart opened, thanks to N.A. and the failhful and courageous addicts that chose to share their experiences, strengths and hopes with me. The God of my understanding personally carried every signal word to my ears…thank you God for letting me partake in this event of fellowship. Thank you fellow recovering addicts for giving your all.

God gave me a heart to love; N.A. provided the opportunity.

Dan B.

As a reminder, don’t miss Rochester’s “Recovery Is Possible” convention coming up February 26th, 27th, and 28th and the “Convention Kickoff” on the 25th.

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