Public Relations


To inform the public, with special emphasis on the addict who still suffers, of the existence, location and the purpose of Narcotics Anonymous, under the direction of the Area Service Committee and within the guidelines of the Twelve
Traditions and the Public Relations Guidelines.

Functions and Responsibilities

A. To open and maintain lines of communication and cooperation.
1. Between N.A. and the public.
2. Between the Area and the Regional PI subcommittee.
3. Between the PR committee and all other Rochester Area Facilities that desire contact with  N.A…

B. To maintain, distribute and update meeting lists on a regular basis.
1. Adequate number of meeting lists will be printed monthly and made available at the Area meeting.
2. The Meeting List Coordinator will make arrangements to find the most cost effective printer to print the meeting lists and it will be paid for by the area.
3. It will be the responsibility of the homegroups to provide the meeting list coordinator with the most up to date information or changes (see addendum).
4. No new meetings will be added to the meeting list until the PR committee has done a presentation.

C. To maintain a telephone helpline where members of the public can get information about N.A..
1. To respond to telephone calls from the helpline number.
2. To maintain a group of trained 12 Step volunteers.
3. To train phone line volunteers when needed.

D. To maintain the Rochester Area website.
1. To put online the Area meeting minutes and maintain previous minutes.
2. To put online the Area Bylaws.
3. To put online flyers for upcoming events
4. To put online the Area meeting lists and update it with information.
5. To put online the Area Newsletter when available.
6. To put online anything directed by the Area.

E. To create an Area Newsletter
1. To allow a forum for addicts to discuss issues, express ideas, or present points of view in  printed format.

F. To provide for Area printing needs
1. Maintain Area printer.
2. Keep paper stocked.
3. Maintain “Printer Policies & Procedures” document.
4. Ensure Area printer needs are met.



Policies & Procedures


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